OPEN POSITION: Psychosocial Services Coordinator & Counselor

POSITION: Psychosocial Services Coordinator & Counselor
DEPARTMENT: Professional Services
SUPERVISOR: Director of Professional Services
LOCATION: South Portland


The professional in this full time, salaried position will join the newly expanded Dempsey Centers for Quality Cancer Care and will primarily work in our South Portland location.  This professional will be responsible for the coordination and delivery of psychosocial, spiritual, and bereavement care services at the Dempsey Center-South Portland.  This includes the planning, implementation, evaluation and direct service delivery of psychosocial, spiritual, and bereavement services based on evidence-based practice, as well as the needs and interests of clients as identified through ongoing assessment and evaluation.  This position is responsible for oversight of all support groups and bereavement services delivered in the South Portland location.  The Psychosocial Services Coordinator and Counselor will also provide guidance and direction to direct services staff regarding the psychosocial and spiritual aspects of the cancer impact and their care provision, offering consultation and debriefing as needed.  Approximately 70% of time will be spent in direct service to clients, providing counseling/psychotherapy, facilitating support groups, and delivering programs.

The position requires some evening hours (working until 7 p.m. two days/week) and occasional travel.

LCSW licensed in the state of Maine required, OSW-C strongly preferred.  Five years clinical experience inclusive of three years minimum working in the oncology field required, two-plus years leadership and supervisory experience preferred.  Valid Maine driver’s license required.


Duties include and are not limited to:

Direct Clinical Services:

  • Maintains a direct service caseload (70% of worktime). This includes counseling, support group facilitation, and leading programs.
  • Provides direct clinical services to clients, including individual, couples, and family counseling; Legacy & Life reflections services; and support group facilitation.
  • Performs psychosocial assessments to determine client/family’s strengths and needs relative to coping effectively with cancer diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care.
  • Develops a care plan with client/family input, based on mutual goals.
  • Uses a range of therapeutic modalities such as Cognitive-Behavorial Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Contemplative Psychotherapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Narrative Therapy, as well as Psycho-Educational techniques such as Assertive Communication, Guided Imagery, Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Mindfulness.
  • Actively facilitates cancer and bereavement support group(s) in a manner that:
    • Fosters a sense of safety for participants through the use of active listening techniques (reflection, probing questions, etc.).
    • Consistently encourages discussions by individuals and the group at the level of core emotions (fear, anger, hope, etc.) through the use of advanced empathy techniques (reflection, genuineness, clarification, etc.).
    • Adjusts according to the level of each group’s maturity (more directive/active in less mature groups and vice versa; activity-based model vs. talk format, etc).
    • Establishes/maintains group culture by acting on and addressing guidelines (punctuality, attendance, respectful communication, etc.).
    • Encourages growth and/or behavioral changes in groups and individuals through the use of advanced empathy techniques.
    • Effectively employs group-specific techniques to foster connectedness, honesty, and self-reliance.
  • Maintains current knowledge of cancer-related information and local and national service organizations and refers clients as appropriate.
  • Maintains current knowledge of services and resources available within the Dempsey Center and refers clients as appropriate.
  • Contributes to the multidisciplinary effort to provide quality psychosocial care to clients.
  • Plans, implements and evaluates community and professional education and outreach activities related to the psychosocial needs of those affected by a cancer diagnosis. Communicates with the client’s physicians and healthcare team members regarding the psychosocial needs of the patient when appropriate.
  • Maintains current knowledge of psychosocial oncology practices and interventions, employing same.
  • Routinely evaluates efficacy of interventions.
  • Documents all patient contacts to meet current standards and policies.


  • Coordinates psychosocial, spiritual, and bereavement services, including support groups, in the South Portland location.
  • Works with the Director of Professional Services to set short and long-term service goals.
  • Implements assessment tools to assess the psychosocial, spiritual, support group and bereavement care needs and interests of clients and prospective clients.
  • Monitors quality of psychosocial and bereavement services in South Portland site through methods such as surveys and outcome assessments, and direct observation.
  • Works closely with Front Office and other staff to respond to questions related to psychosocial services, programs and support groups (from staff, clients, providers and outside agencies) and troubleshoots problems related to same using standard processes.
  • Recruits, hires, trains and oversees support group facilitators in South Portland site (in conjunction with the Volunteer Coordinator).
  • Provides guidance and direction to all direct services staff regarding the psychosocial and spiritual aspects of the cancer and bereavement impact and their care provision, offering consultation as needed.
  • Plans and leads staff debriefing sessions following complex cases.
  • Assists in training staff, student interns, and volunteers, including provision and oversight of field placement for MSW and Masters of Counselor Education student interns.


  • Is responsible for the tracking of psychosocial contacts, interventions and outcomes of work with individuals/families/systems, and maintains records of community outreach efforts.
  • Provides reports on same to Director of Professional Services, and other committees and stakeholders as appropriate.

Outreach and Engagement:

  • Represents the Center by serving on committees as appropriate and as will enhance the care of those impacted by cancer, upholding the Center’s mission and model.
  • Develops relationships and opportunities for partnering with other local service providers (e.g., local hospices, ACS, MCF), building collaboration in the service of cancer patients.
  • Supports and represents the Center at fundraising, public relations and social events as needed.

Staffing and Supervision:

  • Recruits, trains and supervises all psychosocial services contract or volunteer staff, including support group facilitators and bereavement volunteer in the South Portland location, ensuring that the psychosocial services are carried out in a professional manner and policies and protocols are adhered to.
  • Demonstrates excellent volunteer staff supervision skills, including the following:
    • Seeks to provide direct reports with training opportunities that are appropriate to their roles and to the work and mission of the Dempsey Center.
    • Is available to answer questions/problem solve with staff (direct reports and others) in a timely manner when needed.
    • Has a positive attitude and encourages an enjoyable work environment.
    • Conveys appreciation for staff/volunteer staffs’ efforts; conveys that each is a valued team member.
    • Models excellent customer service; prioritizes client care and experience.
    • Neither over-manages/micro-manages nor under-manages direct reports.
    • Consistently models a high standard of performance in his/her work and effectively holds direct reports accountable for their performance.
    • Clearly communicates expectations, assignments, and/or instructions.
    • Regularly solicits and/or is open to input about how to improve processes, systems, and services of the Center.
    • Delegates authority and responsibility when appropriate.
    • Encourages an atmosphere of respect and collegiality.

Experience & Qualifications:

  • LCSW licensed in the state of Maine required; OSW-C strongly preferred.
  • 5 years clinical experience inclusive of 3 years minimum working in the oncology field.
  • 2+ years leadership and supervisory experience preferred
  • Demonstrated expertise in high quality clinical service delivery
  • Experience and confidence identifying and implementing evidence based practices
  • Ability to administer The Dempsey Centers’ policies and procedures while implementing a warm, personal, informative and effective program.
  • Ability to interact with individuals at multiple levels (patients/survivors, donors, staff, public). Strong verbal and written communication skills are essential.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and oral.
  • Experience working with and managing a team of employees with ability to complete tasks in a timely manner in a busy work environment.


  • Ability to balance clinical and administrative responsibilities.
  • Ability to assess organizational, team and individual needs and to assist in identifying and recommending appropriate action plans to meet those needs.
  • Demonstrates excellent communications skills when working with individuals, as well as internal and external stakeholders
  • Demonstrates strong leadership and collaboration skills
  • Demonstrates good listening, consultation and problem solving skills


Masters of Social Work degree


  • Licensed as an LCSW in state of Maine required.
  • OSW-C strongly preferred.
  • Valid Maine Driver’s License is required.