Amanda Dempsey Award

Named in memory of Amanda Dempsey, the award is given annually to a cancer survivor who demonstrates a passion for helping others with cancer in the state of Maine.

Nominations Now Open!

The Amanda Dempsey Award presented by Amgen’s Breakaway from Cancer® is presented each year to a cancer survivor who has a passion for helping others with cancer. Although Amanda was reserved and humble, she had a warm presence, and was passionate about giving back to her community.

The recipient will lead the Amgen Breakaway from Cancer Survivor Walk, along with Patrick Dempsey and his family on Saturday, October 7, 2017 in Simard-Payne Park.

The criteria for nominees are as follows:

  • Individual must be a cancer survivor
  • Individual must demonstrate a passion for helping and inspiring others diagnosed with cancer
  • Individual lives and/or helps others in the state of Maine

Past winners include Brooke Ismail (2016), Dr. James Campbell (2015), Nel Bernard (2014), Hailey Sontag (2013), Kristen Short (2012), Laura Davis (2011), and Scott Thomas (2010).

Nomination: The 2017 Amanda Dempsey Award

  • We will contact your nominee directly at the end of this process.