If you have experienced cancer-related fatigue, you are not alone.

Fatigue is a common problem for cancer patients, with a majority experiencing some level of fatigue during treatment. According to researchers at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, approximately one-third of cancer survivors will have persistent fatigue for a number of years post-treatment. Cancer-related fatigue profoundly affects quality of life for both patients and their families.

Cancer-related fatigue is defined as a distressing, persistent sense of physical, emotional, and/or cognitive tiredness or exhaustion related to cancer or cancer treatment. Cancer-related fatigue significantly interferes with daily life and does not go away with getting more rest.

Getting the Support You Need

To help cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers learn more about cancer-related fatigue and how to cope with it, the Dempsey Center offers Fatigue Factor, a monthly workshop where patients, survivors, and caregivers can:

  • Learn how to identify cancer-related fatigue
  • Understand how it affects the person experiencing it
  • Learn strategies to conserve and maximize energy before, during, and after cancer treatment
  • Talk with and learn from others who are having a similar experience
  • To register for the next Fatigue Factor session, click here to visit our online program calendar.

If you would like help dealing with cancer-related fatigue and you have never been to the Dempsey Center, please call us at 207-774-2200(South Portland) or 207-795-8250(Lewiston) to schedule an orientation session.

Other Resources You Can Use

These helpful handouts are available to download and print:

These online resources may be helpful to you.

About the Dempsey Center
The Dempsey Center is committed to making life better for people managing the impact of cancer. With locations in South Portland and Lewiston, the Dempsey Center provides services that help individuals and families maintain physical and emotional wellness as they deal with a cancer diagnosis. Understanding that cancer impacts the whole family, the Dempsey Center provides specialized services for children and teens and their families. All services are provided at no charge.