Cans for a Cure

Q 97.9 Morning Show Fundraiser for the Dempsey Center


It’s happening Wednesday, October 16 through Friday, October 18 at the Maine Mall.

That’s the where, what and how…but let me tell you about the why.

We have been doing Cans for a Cure for 16 years and throughout those years I’ve met so many people who have been touched by breast cancer. Some are no longer with us and some are survivors!

Then my mom got diagnosed with breast cancer and then my mom passed away.

Cans for a Cure took on a whole new meaning and importance. The Dempsey Center (formerly the Cancer Community Center), helped my mom when none of us knew what to do. She was connected to a volunteer cancer mentor here in Maine while she was in Idaho – and they hit it off. They would talk about treatments (Mary Ann had the same cancer as my mom) and they would talk kids (they both had kids) and they would just simply talk.

It made my mom less scared about the process to speak to someone who had been down the road.

That’s why I pour my heart and soul into Cans for a Cure to raise money for the Dempsey Center and make sure those services they provide, those vital services, remain free for Mainers fighting breast cancer.

I’m sure you have your own reasons why you help. I am grateful for every single nickle.

Thank you for your support,
Lori Voornas

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