Go Green with Us

The Dempsey Challenge takes environmental responsibility seriously. We believe a healthy environment contributes to the overall health and well-being of the community – and a healthy community is a big part of what the Dempsey Center is all about!

Ways you can help this event become more environmentally sustainable:

BYOB: Bring your own bottle!

Cycling rest stops will be cup-free! Poland Spring water jugs will be available for replenishment at all rest stops and in the park. Participants will receive a complimentary Specialized water bottle at Packet-Pick Up.

To reduce paper waste

Encourage donors to contribute via credit card using the Dempsey Challenge website.

Bike, walk or carpool

Make a plan with your teammates to reduce your carbon footprint together from your home or hotel to the starting line.

Bike to the Dempsey Challenge!

Stop by the Maine Cycling Club Bag and Bike Valet Tent to securely store your items in the park. GoMaine.org and PickUpPal.com are free online rideshare communities, check em’ out!

Pay attention to signage

Ask a Green Team volunteer before you throw something away.

All food waste (animal, vegetable, or mineral) should be added to our compost bins. Our beer cups are bio-degradable as well! Instead of ending up in a landfill, all of these items will be utilized by a local farm to make rich soil for their crops.

Bottles/cans and Mixed Paper also belong in separate bins for recycling.

Trash items include utensils, plates, bowls, paper napkins and all other cups other than those supplied for beer.

Volunteer for the Green Team!

Show your dedication to keepin’ the scene clean and green by rolling up your sleeves with us! Your presence will help to educate participants and spectators about sustainable practices. Click here for volunteer opportunities.

Offset your carbon footprint

Make a $10 donation to the Nature Conservancy of Maine at the time of registration for the Dempsey Challenge to help offset your carbon footprint getting to the Challenge. Donated funds will directly benefit the Nature Conservancy.

Some of the ways we work to reduce our environmental impact:

  • Online registration
  • Cup-free cycling rest stops
  • Bicycle parking in the bike valet
  • Reusable goodie bags from Specialized
  • Official cycling jerseys and running shirts made from 100% recycled plastic bottles by Atayne
  • Donate all leftover food to local soup kitchens
  • Compost all food scraps and bio-degradable beer cups.
  • Eco-friendly Port-O-Johns (utilizing biodegradable chemicals, recycled paper, and the units themselves are made with recycled materials)
  • Green Team volunteers, keeping the scene ‘clean and green’ through recycling and composting