Donation Forms & Worksheets

Donation Form

Please use the Donation Form to record and mail or drop off your donations.
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Please also read the Donation Form Instructions (PDF).

Donor Receipts

How can I get or give a donation receipt?

Credit card donations made online receive automatic email receipts with our tax ID number.  Every cash or check donation in the amount of $250 or above will receive a receipt in the mail if we are provided a mailing address. If your donor wishes to receive a receipt, please contact us at [email protected] or 866-990-1499.

Dempsey Challenge Team Donation Worksheet

The Team Donation Worksheet should be used to split up funds amongst team members from one large single donation or an Independent Fundraising Event. We ask that you please use a minimum donation entry of $25.00 per teammate as a guideline for use of this form. This is requested due to the amount of data entry involved.

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