Fundraising Tips

We want to help you make the most of your fundraising!

Promoting your Independent Fundraising Event (IFE)

Submit your IFE

  • Use this form to submit your Independent Fundraising Event (IFE) to the Dempsey Challenge Team
  • Please review our Independent Fundraising Event Guidelines here
  • After your submission is complete, we’ll add it to our calendar of upcoming IFEs

Create a Facebook Fundraiser

  • Create a Facebook Fundraiser right from your Participant Center!

Post your Event on Facebook

  • Create an event on Facebook. This allows you to easily share your event, and invite your friends
  • Get some helpful event tips from Facebook here
  • Please refer to your event as a: Dempsey Challenge Independent Fundraising Event to benefit the Dempsey Centers. The Dempsey Centers located in Lewiston and additional sites in the near future.
  • Fun note: Use #DempseyChallenge on social media so you can see other posts like yours!
  • Learn the basics of how to use hashtags, like #DempseyChallenge here
  • Invite @DempseyCenter to your Facebook event so we can add it to our calendar

Create Flyers

Use the Dempsey Challenge or Dempsey Center IFE Logo

Quick Tips

Download our Dempsey Challenge Fundraising App!

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Put your money where your heart is

  • Make the first donation yourself so that people see that you really believe in the cause.

Use your tools

Make it personal

  • Share your story and tell people why you’re raising money. Send personal emails and notes whenever possible. Always send a thank you note to donors telling them how much you appreciate their support.

Track your progress

  • Put up a chart of your training and fundraising progress thermometer in your workplace or community center. You could even put up a map of your route and auction off miles, kilometers, or sections.

Be visible

  • Customize your email signature by adding a direct link to your Personal Webpage. Ask to be featured in your company or organization’s newsletter or internal website.

Remember holidays and special occasions

  • In lieu of gifts, ask that a donation be made to your Dempsey Challenge fundraising effort.  You can also put your donation link in holiday cards—it might inspire some added holiday cheer.

Use corporate team support

  • Ask a company executive in your office to send an endorsement memo announcing that he/she is participating in the Dempsey Challenge. Look into matching gift policies.

Get people involved

  • Don’t take it all on yourself. Ask friends if they would be willing to sell raffle tickets, bake for a bake sale, or help otherwise. This is a great way for people who cannot make a monetary donation to get involved. If you know of an independent distributor (of house ware items for example), negotiate hosting a show at your home or office with a percentage of the sales being donated to your fundraising goal.

Know the cause, and be prepared to answer questions

  • Know who is benefiting from their donations: Cancer patients and their families through the Dempsey Center.

Set a high goal

  • Make it fun, be creative, and see where it takes you.

Want more? Additional fundraising resources are available on the Fundraising Documents page.