Fundraising Tips

We want to help you make the most of your fundraising!

Quick Tips

Put your money where your heart is

  • Make the first donation yourself so that people see that you really believe in the cause.

Use your tools

  • We provide you with a Participant Center that includes a personal fundraising page that you can update, tell your story, send out via email, and share via social media. Take advantage of these tools by logging in (*LINK TO TEAM RAISER LOGIN PAGE) to your Participant Center.

Make it personal

  • Share your story and tell people why you’re raising money. Send personal emails and notes whenever possible. Always send a thank you note to donors telling them how much you appreciate their support.

Track your progress

  • Put up a chart of your training and fundraising progress thermometer in your workplace or community center. You could even put up a map of your route and auction off miles, kilometers, or sections.

Be visible

  • Customize your email signature by adding a direct link to your Personal Webpage. Ask to be featured in your company or organization’s newsletter or internal website.

Remember holidays and special occasions

  • In lieu of gifts, ask that a donation be made to your Dempsey Challenge fundraising effort.  You can also put your donation link in holiday cards—it might inspire some added holiday cheer.

Use corporate team support

  • Ask a company executive in your office to send an endorsement memo announcing that he/she is participating in the Dempsey Challenge. Look into matching gift policies.

Get people involved

  • Don’t take it all on yourself. Ask friends if they would be willing to sell raffle tickets, bake for a bake sale, or help otherwise. This is a great way for people who cannot make a monetary donation to get involved. If you know of an independent distributor (of house ware items for example), negotiate hosting a show at your home or office with a percentage of the sales being donated to your fundraising goal.

Know the cause, and be prepared to answer questions

  • Know who is benefiting from their donations: Cancer patients and their families through the Dempsey Center.

Set a high goal

  • Make it fun, be creative, and see where it takes you.

Want more? Additional fundraising resources are available on the Fundraising Documents page.