International Back to Back Wool Challenge

June 1 2019
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

The wool challenge is an 8 person teamed event where you hand shear a sheep, spin the wool and knit the sweater all in a day. The purpose of the event is to raise awareness about wool world wide as well as to raise money for cancer research. The International Back to Back Wool Challenge is celebrating there 25th anniversary. Teams from all over the world have competed in this challenge in there separate locations. Last year only 4 teams participated in the challenger and were able to raise $10,000 Internationally for cancer research. The team with the world record was from The Netherlands who broke the Guinness World Record in 2017 in a time of 4 hours 45 minutes 53 seconds. Up until this year the only US team was in San Diego, CA and they hold the US record of 8 hours 9 minutes 5 seconds. For the past two years Stacey’s Spinning Haven has worked on creating a team here in the state of Maine. So last year while promoting the International Back to Back Wool Challenge, Stacey’s Spinning Haven sponsored a Pick A Prize Raffle at the Maine Fiber Frolic, (Windsor Fairgrounds, Windsor, ME) and had raise $800 for the Dempsey Center.
This year Maine will have a team in the competition and will be competing at The Maine Fiber Frolic on June 1, 2019 time starts right at 9 am and will go until the sweater is complete. There will be a Pick A Prize Raffle this year as well during the competition and proceeds will be donated to the Dempsey Center again this year.