OPEN POSITION: Volunteer Dempsey Center Healing Garden


POSITION: Dempsey Center Healing Garden (Indoor Plants) Volunteer Lead
Dempsey Center Healing garden (Indoor Plants) Volunteer Team Member
REPORTS TO: Volunteer Coordinator
Team Member, no
AREA: Client Care/Facilities
LOCATION: Lewiston
SCHEDULE + HOURS COMMITMENT: 1 ½ – 3 hours per week (depending on team group size) year-round.

Healing garden volunteers work as a group and meet at the Lewiston ornamental garden weekly to ensure the proper horticultural care, watering schedule, overall health, and look of our many plants, including both in the dedicated healing garden space and other plants throughout the Dempsey Center’s physical space.

Position Summary: The volunteers for this indoor garden primarily water and provide ‘house plant’ maintenance weekly to approximately 50+ plants, which includes several large monstera and bird of paradise gems!

Essential Duties/Responsibilities:

  • A commitment of tending to the pruning, fertilizing, watering, repotting, aphid (or other pest controls) of all plants.
  • Participating in a full plant project day (biannually) with the team.

Required Skills and Experience:

  • A background in horticulture maintenance and identification.
  • Knowledge of individual species and specific care for each in terms of light levels and feed needs.
  • Lead: Leadership and training skills necessary.

Physical Requirements: Must be able to stand and walk for the  duration of weekly shift, with the ability to lift full watering cans, plant containers, and move small furniture pieces. Most plant containers are elevated.

General Requirements:

  • Must provide own transportation to the Dempsey Center.
  • Always maintains professional behavior while volunteering.
  • Must use discretion and protect the confidentiality of all Dempsey Center clients.; HIPAA-specific training will be provided.