Endorsed Fundraiser/Partnership Request

Thank you for your willingness to raise funds for the Dempsey Center! In order to protect the integrity of our organization, we require all Endorsed Fundraisers abide by the below guidelines. Please read through theses guidelines before submitting an application for a proposed partnership or fundraiser.

What is an Endorsed Fundraiser or Partnership?
An Endorsed Fundraiser or Partnership is an initiative to raise funds for the Dempsey Center, conducted by an external entity, with endorsement from the Dempsey Center. Endorsement includes at least one, but not necessarily all, of the following:

  • Use of our official logo;
  • Promotion and marketing support of the initiative or of your business/organization;
  • Providing staff resources in the planning or execution of the initiative; or
  • Purchasing items that are part of the initiative.

Please note that anyone may conduct an Independent Fundraiser (IFE) for the Dempsey Center or Dempsey Challenge without endorsement. What qualifies the initiative as an endorsed fundraiser or partnership is the request for the Dempsey Center to provide any of the above listed endorsements.

If you are looking to conduct an Independent Fundraising Event (IFE) for the Dempsey Challenge (a third-party fundraiser conducted by you or your organization without the endorsement of the Dempsey Center), please complete an IFE submission form. IFEs happen throughout the year and include bake sales, car washes, concerts, or proceeds from the sales of items. If you aren’t sure whether your proposed initiative is an IFE or an endorsed fundraiser, please contact us.

Application Process
Those wishing to conduct an endorsed fundraiser to benefit the Dempsey Center should fill out and submit the below application. Staff will review your application and be in touch to let you know the status of your request as quickly as possible.  Applications should be submitted at least one (1) month prior to the proposed fundraiser or partnership start date.

Criteria for Approval
As we review the proposed initiative, staff will consider the following, listed in order of importance:

  1. How well does the proposed initiative align with our mission and values?
  2. How well does the company/organization sponsoring the initiative align with our mission and values?
  3. How much Dempsey Center staff and/or monetary resources will be needed to make this initiative successful? We have limited resources and may not be able to approve your initiative if you are asking for staff or monetary resources. We will weigh the amount of resources that may be required with the projected donation total, staff workload, and other current factors that will impact our ability to offer these resources.
  4. What is the total projected amount of the donation? While we understand you may not know how much money your proposal will raise, we ask that you please be detailed about projected expenses and revenues, including the results of any similar activity you’ve conducted.
  5. What additional visibility or exposure for the Dempsey Center or Challenge, if any, will be a result of the initiative?

While the above list will be used as a guide in assessing applications, we reserve the right to deny any application for any reason.

Patrick Dempsey
We are not able to approve any requests of an appearance or endorsement from Patrick Dempsey, or use of his name, likeness, or voice.

Raffles and Other Games of Chance
Due to strict regulations, we discourage initiatives from using raffles and other games of chance. The Dempsey Center may consider endorsed fundraisers that include games of chance if the activity is occurring in the State of Maine only; games of chance occurring in states outside of Maine will not be considered.

Use of Organization Contact Lists
Because we take seriously the privacy of our client, donor and participant contact information, the Dempsey Center and Dempsey Challenge will not provide any contact information to external entities for fundraising or promotion. We may consider promoting the initiative or company/organization via our own communication channels (website, e-news, social media) on a case-by-case basis.

Tax ID Numbers & Donor Receipts
While the Dempsey Center is a certified 501(c)3 organization, we are only able to receipt donors who donate directly to our organization. As no goods or services can be provided in exchange for a donation, receipts cannot be provided for any product, service, ticket, etc. that is purchased, even if a portion of proceeds is benefiting the Dempsey Center.


Partnership Request Form