Healing Henna Crowns and Hands for Families – Lewiston

Henna is a natural, non-toxic, plant-based dye that can elicit a powerful sense of reclaiming one’s body while going through illness. Henna’s natural healing herb can help nourish the skin and emotionally restore self-esteem and spirit, while offering a beautiful and temporary work of art.

In this workshop, participants can choose to get a crown or have their hands decorated with henna. Designs usually last on the skin for 1-4 weeks. Participants can choose their own designs or let Mary create an intricate and beautiful design for them.

This workshop is open to youth ages 6-18 who have been impacted by cancer and their parents/family members.

About the Artist: Mary Kearns is the artist behind The Eye of Henna for the past 20 years, offering henna services throughout New England. Mary uses henna to help women empower themselves emotionally and physically.

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06/01/2019 9:00 am - 1:00 pm Register