Man Up To Cancer Roundtable – Virtual

Guys facing cancer – we have a new group for you! Do you want to meet other men facing cancer to share stories and support? Do you feel more comfortable talking to other men rather than a co-ed group?

In partnership with Man Up to Cancer, the Dempsey Center is hosting a men’s round table group that will meet twice a month virtually and get together for outings such as outdoor expeditions, sporting events, and special events with a positive focus on brotherhood and avoiding isolation. Man Up to Cancer is a community built to inspire men to connect and avoid isolation throughout their cancer journey.

Led by Eric Lutz and Trevor Maxwell, this group is open to men with any type of cancer at any part of their cancer journey. After a one-time sign up, you are free to drop into the group when you choose.

Trevor Maxwell of Cape Elizabeth founded Man Up to Cancer, a purpose-driven company that inspires men to avoid isolation during their cancer journeys. He is a husband and father who has been living with stage IV colon cancer since March of 2018.

Eric Lutz, MSW is an outdoor educator, alpine/polar scientist, father, partner, and social worker who loves to explore and experience the wilderness with others, including the terrain of the heart.

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