Healing Tree Groups

Teen Group

The Teen Group is an ongoing peer support and activity group for youth ages 12 and up. The group’s mission is to empower young people to connect, contribute and collaborate with others who have been affected by cancer.

In Lewiston, the group meets every Thursday from 6:00–7:30 PM.

A group in South Portland will start meeting in October, 2019.

Teen Adventure Days Offered twice per year, Teen Adventure Days are day-long group outings for teens impacted by cancer. The goal of each adventure is to build stronger friendships and provide opportunities for fun with people who understand what cancer is all about.


Children’s Lives Include Moments of Bravery (CLIMB®) is a free six-week national program designed by the Children’s Treehouse Foundation for children and their parents or adult caregivers. In Maine, the Dempsey Center is the only location where CLIMB is available.

Each week a light meal is provided, followed by group sessions. The parent/caregiver group meets separately from the children’s group, and will focuses on parenting through the cancer journey. The children’s group sessions blends cancer education with emotional education. For dates please refer to our current newsletter.

Due to the cohesive and ongoing nature of this closed group, registration and a meeting with the Youth and Family Services Coordinator, Tookie Bright, is required.