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Travel & Logistics

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College Cup Challenge

The College Cup Challenge is a competition open to all Maine colleges and universities as they compete for the largest percentage of Dempsey Challenge participants!

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Walk/Run and Cycling Maps & Routes

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Dempsey Challenge KidZone presented by Cigna

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Signs of Hope & Healing

Signs of Hope & Healing are an important reminder of what the Dempsey Challenge and Dempsey Center are all about – showing support for those impacted by cancer.

Dempsey Challenge participants that fundraise $200 or more are entitled to submit a sign at no cost. All others may submit a sign with a $75 donation.

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Cheer Stations

What is a Cheer Station?

A designated group of people showing their collective support for Dempsey Challenge participants, either for the Run/Walk (Saturday) or cycling events (Sunday). The purpose of Cheer Stations is to provide encouragement for Dempsey Challenge participants as they journey toward the finish line. It is also a great way to engage your friends and coworkers.

For participants, hearing spirited messages of support and encouragement can get them through a challenging portion of the course. Groups may choose to wear themed costumes or use signs or banners to display written messages of hope and encouragement.

Locations for Cheer Stations will be predetermined based upon safety and access. Our Cheer Station Coordinator will work with you to ensure that your group is located along your preferred route.

How many people do we need to make a Cheer Station?

Cheer Stations can be comprised of any number of people. There are some locations which can accommodate more people than others. Our Cheer Station Coordinator can help determine an appropriate location for your group.

What is the time commitment?

The time commitment will be determined based upon the route on which your Cheer Station is located. If needed, we can assign two groups with split time frames to cover the same station. Details of your Cheer Station commitment can be discussed with our Cheer Station Coordinator.

How do we sign up to be a Cheer Station?

Please contact our awesome Cheer Station Captain for more information and to sign up your group: [email protected].

Amanda Dempsey Award Presented by Amgen's Breakaway From Cancer

The Amanda Dempsey Award presented by Amgen’s Breakaway from Cancer® is presented each year to a cancer survivor who has a passion for helping others with cancer. Although Amanda was reserved and humble, she had a warm presence, and was passionate about giving back to her community.

The recipient will lead the Amgen Breakaway from Cancer Survivor Walk, along with Patrick Dempsey and his family on Saturday, September 28, 2019 in Simard-Payne Park.

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Exhibitor Information and Application

I have been invited to exhibit in the Health & Wellness, KidZone or Sponsor areas OR I am a food truck. How do I submit my application

Check out our exhibitor information page here and submit your application

Team Packet Pick-up

How does Team Packet Pick-up work?

Team Packet Pick-Up, or Team PPU, is a complimentary service we provide for teams of 10 people or more. This allows one person to conveniently pick up all the packets for the entire team. There is no obligation to participate in Team PPU; it is simply offered for your convenience. If you choose not to do Team PPU, you and your teammates may pick up your packets individually at any time during Packet Pick-Up/Registration hours in the park!

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Packet Pick-up

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