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Ease your side effects, improve your mood, and discover relaxation through our massage, Reiki, and acupuncture services, all offered at no cost.

Restore Together at the Dempsey Center

The effects of a cancer diagnosis and treatment can have a drastic impact on the physical and mental health of those impacted by cancer. To help with these changes, the Dempsey Center provides a variety of bodywork therapies to complement traditional treatments and to help patients, survivors, and care partners tolerate a diagnosis and treatment-related side effects.

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**Please Note: As of November 13th, 2023, we are not accepting new clients for massage. We do, however, have numerous workshops, classes, and groups to support you at any point in your cancer journey. Find all our virtual and in-person workshops here.


Provided by licensed massage therapists, these specialized oncology sessions help to alleviate common symptoms and side effects of cancer.


A gentle relaxation therapy intended to relieve stress and discomfort.


Offered in community-style acupuncture that provides numerous benefits to cancer patients and survivors.

Classes + Workshops

Discover how to incorporate integrative therapies at home through in-person and virtual classes and workshops.

Maggie Miller, LMT
Oncology Massage Therapist
Integrative Therapies Manager

Maggie is a teacher and therapist with 31 years of experience facilitating the health and well-being of individuals through body-oriented approaches to therapy and education. She is a licensed massage therapist, with specialized training in oncology massage with Tracy Walton, and is a board-certified (IASI) structural integration practitioner, a bodywork approach based on the work of Dr. Ida P. Rolf. She has a BFA in Dance and a MA in Movement Therapy, and a special interest in mindfulness and sensory awareness practice.

Elizabeth Como, LMT
Oncology Massage Therapist

How to Begin

Discover the support that the Dempsey Center can provide for you throughout your cancer journey. Whether you are a patient, survivor, care partner, family member, or friend, we are here for you.