How to Begin at the Dempsey Center

Making life better for people impacted by cancer. 

Getting Started

If you are looking for support after experiencing a cancer impact, the Dempsey Center is here for you. To begin accessing our services, please use the form below or call us at 877-336-7287. Working with our Client Experience Team, we will help you find an appointment that works best with your schedule.


The best way to begin using services is to schedule a Dempsey Center orientation. During your orientation, you will meet with an Orientation Ambassador in person, by video, or by phone. This is your opportunity to share with us your cancer experience and the challenges you are facing. 

Public Workshops

Our public workshops are a great way to experience the Dempsey Center and our services.

Plan your Visit

To schedule your first visit to the Dempsey Center, begin by either creating your Dempsey Center Portal Account at the link below, or complete the Contact Form to be assisted by one of our Client Experience Specialists who can walk you through the process.

At your first visit to the Dempsey Center, you will receive a tour (if visiting one of our physical locations), complete a small amount of paperwork, discuss your concerns with a member of our Introduction Team, and discover the comprehensive and personalized services available to you. You’ll be able to ask questions and get immediate access to various resources that can ease your concerns.

**Please note: As of November 13th, 2023, we are not accepting new clients for massage, adult counseling, or youth counseling. We are actively working through our existing waitlists and will provide updates when we can. In the meantime, we are still accepting new clients for all other services. Active clients are welcome to sign up for any of our no-cost groups, classes, and workshops, found here.

Tour Our Centers

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can receive Dempsey Center services?

The Dempsey Center is committed to making life better for people impacted by cancer. This includes cancer patients, survivors, care partners, and family members of all ages.

How do I start using Dempsey Center services?

Call us at (877) 336-7287 or complete the form below to schedule an appointment for your first visit at any of our locations. 

Do I need a referral from my doctor?

You don’t need a referral to visit the Dempsey Center and use services here. However, you will need approval from your health care provider in order to receive massage services.

Does it matter where I’m getting cancer treatment?

The Dempsey Center is an independent nonprofit organization and is not affiliated with any medical group. You can use services at the Center no matter where you receive medical treatment.

I’m no longer receiving treatment for my cancer; can I still use the Dempsey Center’s services?

Yes! The Dempsey Center knows that the cancer journey doesn’t end when treatment does. If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with cancer, you can come to the Dempsey Center at any point – before, during, and after treatment. We do reserve some services for cancer patients and primary caregivers within two years of diagnosis. On your first visit to the Center, you will learn more about the services for which you qualify.

Contact Us

We are here for you today and every day. Please complete the form below and a member of our client experience team will be in touch with you shortly.