Wig and Headwear Consultations

Find a wig or headwear solution at no cost through a consultation with our experienced team.

Personalized, Private

Cancer-related hair loss is a common experience for patients and survivors as they move through their treatment. Both chemotherapy and radiation can cause hair follicles to weaken, making hair fall out more quickly than it normally would. While this side effect is often distressing to patients and their loved one, there are many resources that can support you and the emotions you are experiencing.

If you chose to cover your head with a piece of headwear or a wig, we are here to help you.

Here at the Dempsey Center, we provide one-on-one private consultations to help you find the look and style that gives you confidence throughout your treatment. Working with our trained team, we will ask you questions about your lifestyle and present you with a variety of styles, colors, and shapes that work best for you. We will also instruct you on how best to care for your wig to ensure it remains in the best condition through its use. All of our wigs and headwear have been donated by clients and their families and are offered at no cost.

Find the Solution that Works for You

To access our no-cost consultations, start by becoming a Dempsey Center client. After scheduling your first visit to the Center, we will assist you in scheduling your private, personalized session to discover the style that works for you. Wig and headwear consultations are held in our Lewiston Center in our Stardust room or at our Center in South Portland.