Making Life Better for People Impacted by Cancer

Personalized care through counseling, support groups, nutrition, integrative therapies, movement and fitness, and more—at no cost.

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Discover all our upcoming classes and workshops, both virtual and in-person, to find the support that meets your needs.

Our Impact

Hear from Dempsey Center clients and discover how our services can ease your journey with cancer.

Support at Any Stage

The impact of a cancer diagnosis goes far beyond the patient and often far beyond diagnosis and treatment. Here at the Dempsey Center, we serve all those impacted by cancer—at any phase of the journey.

People with a cancer diagnosis

Whether recently diagnosed or in active treatment, find personalized help for your biggest concerns no matter where you are on your journey.


Anxiety, fear, and physical side effects can extend even years into survivorship. Get support for any issue as you embark on life as a cancer survivor. 

Care Partners

Moving through the cancer journey with a loved one can take an emotional and physical toll on the care partner which is often overlooked. Take care of yourself and your loved one through support for care partners.

Family and Friends

Have a friend, family member, co-worker, or other loved one experiencing a cancer diagnosis? Find emotional and physical support for yourself throughout the journey.

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