South Portland, Maine

Making Life Better for People Impacted by Cancer in South Portland, Maine

In 2017, the Dempsey Center merged with Cancer Community Center, a likeminded organization based out of the Greater Portland, Maine area. This expansion opened up the ability to serve cancer patients, survivors, care partners, and their family and friends in southern Maine.

Today, our South Portland office is full-service, offering all of our in-person support services to our clients. We also host some of our virtual classes and workshops from the Movement and Fitness Room and the Great Room, a multipurpose room for Support Groups, Educational Workshops, and Nutrition classes.

No-Cost Support Services in Portland.

Learn more about all the services you can access as a cancer patient, survivor, care partner, family, or friend here at the Dempsey Center’s South Portland location.

How to Begin

Discover the support that the Dempsey Center can provide for you throughout your cancer journey. Whether you are a patient, survivor, care partner, family member, or friend, we are here for you.