Acupuncture Program Guidelines for Clients

Acupuncture is available to clients who have been diagnosed with cancer within the last 2 years. Clients under 18 years of age require parent or guardian permission.

1. Clients are eligible to receive 8 acupuncture sessions. Acupuncture is most effective if received on a regular basis and weekly sessions are sometimes recommended. Please consult with the acupuncturist about the schedule that is best for you.

2. Clients are required to complete a Medical History Form prior to receiving acupuncture treatments. Based on this information, the Dempsey Center may request a physician’s approval prior to starting acupuncture treatments. Be sure to notify the Dempsey Center if there are any health status changes prior to your next scheduled appointment.

3. Acupuncture is generally safe, but it may have some side effects, including bruising, numbness or tingling near the pin sites that may last a few days, and dizziness or fainting. Unusual risks of acupuncture include spontaneous miscarriage, nerve damage and organ puncture, including lung puncture. Infection is another possible risk, although the clinic uses sterile disposable needles and maintains a clean and safe treatment environment. Please discuss these potential risks with your acupuncturist at your initial appointment.

4. If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please notify the Dempsey Center within 24 hours at 1-877-336-7287. Any missed appointment not canceled within 24 hours will be counted toward the eight sessions allowed. If two consecutive appointments are missed, we will help you decide whether it is best to postpone future acupuncture treatments.

5. If you are experiencing a fever or a cold the day of your scheduled appointment, we ask that clients notify us and reschedule.

6. We schedule you with our licensed acupuncturists based on availability and therefore you may have appointments with different practitioners.

Thank you for your attention to these guidelines.