Massage Therapy Guidelines for Clients

1. Patients are eligible for eight massage sessions and primary care partners are eligible for six massage sessions. Youth up to 21 years of age may access this service as an additional primary care partner to a patient.

2. A physician’s approval is required for all patients. If there are changes in your medical status (such as surgery, cardiac incident, seizure, changes in blood values, stem cell or bone marrow transplant procedures, or shingles) we may request an updated physician’s approval. Be sure to notify the Dempsey Center if there are any health status changes prior to your next appointment.

3. If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please notify the Dempsey Center within 24 hours. Any missed appointment not canceled within 24 hours will be counted toward the eight, or six massage sessions.

4. If you are experiencing a fever or a cold the day of your scheduled appointment, we ask that clients notify us and reschedule.

5. We schedule you with our licensed massage therapists based on availability and therefore you may have appointments with different therapists.

6. Please note that time on the massage table is only a portion of total appointment time and is not a full hour.

7. Patients will be given priority over care partners for appointments.

Thank you for your attention to these guidelines.