Maine Cancer Mentors

Emotional Support from someone who’s been there.

Maine Cancer Mentors

If you live in Maine and you are facing a new cancer diagnosis or recurrence, the Maine Cancer Mentors can help. The program matches cancer patients with a cancer mentor who can provide peer support. Mentors are volunteers who have had cancer, are at least six months into remission, and are ready to provide emotional support to others. All mentors complete a specialized training program.

How does a Cancer Mentor Help?

  • Mentors use their unique perspective to provide support, hope and encouragement.
  • Mentors help allay fears, talk through concerns, discuss available cancer support resources, and provide reassurance.
  • Mentors share their cancer stories and coping strategies.

Be a Cancer Mentor

Cancer mentors are people who have been through their own cancer experience and are trained to provide support, encouragement, and understanding to others. The Maine  Cancer Mentors offers flexibility for both mentors and the people with whom they are matched.

If you are six months out of active cancer treatment and feel ready to give back, email the Center with the following information:

  • An explanation of why you want to become a cancer mentor – What draws you to this position?
  • A description of the strengths you have to offer as a cancer mentor

Get a Cancer Mentor

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