Clayton’s House


What is Clayton’s House? Who is Clayton?

Clayton Anderson was born in Portland, an avid outdoorsman with an infectious smile who enjoyed the gifts of what Maine has to offer, including fishing, hunting, skiing, and his passion – golfing.

He was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in November of 2013, and Clayton moved to Portland to be closer to where he was receiving his treatments. He was cared for by his family (sister) in this home that we now call Clayton’s House until he passed in September of 2014.

Clayton’s family approached the Dempsey Center about memorializing Clayton by gifting the house as a place where cancer patients, their loved ones, and care partners could stay while receiving treatments. Thanks to the generosity of the Marr-Anderson Family, Clayton’s House will offer a home away from home, and a place of comfort and solace, for folks impacted by cancer.

How are Clayton’s House and the Dempsey Center connected?

The Dempsey Center was gifted the beautiful home in Portland’s East End, and has been working on making the needed renovations to bring the house up to code for guests prior to opening. As is a key part of our mission at the Dempsey Center, we are dedicated to treating each person we serve and who stays at Clayton’s House with compassion, and are devoted to meeting each client where they are in their cancer journey. Information about the diverse and unique, personalized programs and services offered at the Dempsey Center will be made available to all guests of Clayton’s House.

Where is Clayton’s House?

Clayton’s House is located at 40 O’Brion Street in Portland, ME. It is in the Munjoy Hill neighborhood, and just a few minutes from both the Maine Medical Center and Mercy Hospital.

Tell me more about the house. How many rooms does it have? What amenities are there?

Clayton’s House has two common rooms, four bedrooms, and a full bathroom on each of its three floors. There is a beautiful common dining area, large, open kitchen, fully stocked pantry, and laundry room. Additionally, there is a small outside sitting area, and the Eastern Prom is just a short walk away.

What are the hours of operation for staff at Clayton’s House?

The staff hours are currently Monday- Thursday 8AM-3PM, and Friday 8AM-12PM.

Who do I contact to learn more about Clayton’s House?

You can email [email protected] A phone number will be available once renovations are complete.


I’d like to make a gift to the Dempsey Center in support of Clayton’s House. How do I do that?

Thank you for considering such a meaningful gift! You can email our Development Director Chrissie Penney at [email protected], or call her at 603-828-1337.