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September 25, 2016: “Fighting cancer with hope and understanding”
Article from Sun Journal>

September 24, 2016: “Dempsey Center a mecca even for those outside the Lewiston-Auburn area”
Article from Sun Journal>

September 19, 2016: “On the Record: Wendy Tardif, Executive Director of the Dempsey Center”
Article from MaineBiz>

September 18, 2016:”Patrick Dempsey: All over the place now, here in two weeks”
Article from Sun Journal>

August 18, 2016: “Patrick Dempsey’s Late Mother Inspired His Commitment to Cancer Care”
Article from The Hollywood Reporter>

July 14, 2016: “Patrick Dempsey Remembers Roots as he Wows Chamber Crowd”
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September 27, 2016: “Colby College students run for classmate with rare form of cancer”

September 23, 2016: “Supporting the Dempsey Challenge”

September 16, 2016 “Cyclists tackle Two-Day Ride for Dempsey Center”

People Cover Story: Patrick Dempsey
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September 9, 2016: “Woman says Dempsey Center saved her life”

September 2, 2016: “2016 Dempsey Challenge – working with livestock”

August 23, 2016: “Renee Zellweger & Patrick Dempsey on Bridget Jones’s Baby – The Feed” – Begin at 2:20

August 2, 2016: “The Dempsey Center’s Nutrition for Life Program

July 19, 2016: “Patrick Dempsey shows love, support for Maine hometown”

July 15, 2016: “Patrick Dempsey Wants More People to Ride with him in the Dempsey Challenge”