Dempsey Center FAQs

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Who can receive Dempsey Center services?

The Dempsey Center is committed to making life better for people managing the impact of cancer. This includes cancer patients, survivors, care partners, and family members of all ages.

How do I start using Dempsey Center services?

You can call either of our locations to schedule an appointment for your first visit.

This is YOUR time when you can tell us how cancer is impacting your life. From this conversation, we will help you figure out which Dempsey Center services will be most helpful to you.

Give us a call at 877-336-7287 to schedule an appointment. You’ll be glad you did!



Do I need a referral from my doctor?

You don’t need a referral to visit the Dempsey Center and use services here. However, you do need approval from your health care provider to receive massage services. Learn more about massage eligibility guidelines here.

Does it matter where I'm getting cancer treatment?

The Dempsey Center is independent nonprofit organization and is not affiliated with any medical group. You can use center services no matter where you receive medical treatment.

I’m no longer receiving treatment for my cancer; can I still use the Dempsey Center’s services?

Yes. If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with cancer, you can come to the Dempsey Center at any point – before, during and after treatment.

We do reserve some services services for cancer patients and primary caregivers within two years of diagnosis. At your introduction to the center appointment, you will learn more about the services for which you qualify.

Can I get cancer treatment at the Dempsey Center?

Dempsey Center services support healing and symptom management, but is not a cancer treatment facility. We provide services that can help you manage the emotional, mental and physical impact of cancer.  Learn more about services here, or browse our programs here.


How can the Dempsey Center provide services at no charge?

Like other nonprofit organizations, the Dempsey Center relies on the generosity of the community for funding. Anyone who would like to support this work can do so by making a donation to the Center or by fundraising through the Dempsey Challenge. We also rely on corporate sponsorships and foundation grants.

If I’m able to pay, am I taking free services away from someone who can’t?

Dempsey Center services are available at no cost to anyone who needs them, regardless of their financial situation.

If you would like to give back and are able to financially support the work of the Dempsey Center, you can make an online donation here or make a donation by check at the front desk. If you’d like to mail in your donation, we can provide you with a donation envelope.