Dempsey Center FAQs

Frequently asked questions about how to access our services, and who they’re appropriate for.

How do I access the Dempsey Center’s Services?

Just call our Lewiston (207.795.8250 or toll-free 877.336.7287) or South Portland (207.774.2200) location to set up a Dempsey Center tour or orientation. Or register for one of our programs here. No insurance, referral, copay, or payment required.

Do I need a referral from my doctor?

No. We do, however, require physician approval to receive our massage services. You may learn more about massage eligibility guidelines here.

Do I need to be a Central Maine Medical Center patient to use the Dempsey Center?

No, the Dempsey Center is completely independent from CMMC, and anyone may use the Dempsey Center regardless of where medical treatment is received.

Do I need insurance?

No, the Dempsey Center’s services are completely free to anyone impacted by cancer, and therefore don’t require insurance.

How are the Dempsey Center’s services free?

The Dempsey Center is able to offer free services thanks to grants, donations and fundraising (mainly through the Dempsey Challenge.) Give back by making a donation getting involved with the Dempsey Challenge here.

Who are the Dempsey Center’s services appropriate for?

Anyone impacted by any type of cancer. That includes patients, caregivers and family members, and friends of all ages.

I’m no longer receiving treatment for my cancer; can I still use the Dempsey Center’s services?

Yes. If you’ve been impacted by cancer, you can come to the Dempsey Center at any point; before, during & after treatment, and through lifelong survivorship.

We do reserve our massage services for cancer patients and primary caregivers within 12-months of diagnosis, and acupuncture and Wellness for Life is reserved for patients and primary caregivers within 24-months of diagnosis. You may learn more about those services here.

If I use the Dempsey Center’s services, am I taking them away from someone who may need them more?

No, the Dempsey Center has allotted resources to help anyone at any stage of their cancer journey.

Is the Dempsey Center a cancer treatment facility?

No, the Dempsey Center offers quality of life services at no cost to help people manage a cancer impact emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically.  While we do not provide medical treatment in our facility, we do offer evidence-based complementary therapies that support healing and symptom management to anyone impacted by cancer. You may learn more about our services here, or browse our programs here.


I’m already receiving medical treatment, why would I come to the Dempsey Center?

The Dempsey Center offers evidence-based services to support healing and improve your quality of life. These services are intended to complement, not replace, medical treatment. Learn more about what our services could do for you by contacting us.

If I’m able to pay, am I taking free services away from someone who can’t?

No, cancer can be an expensive journey. At the Dempsey Center, our services are free so you have one less thing to worry about and budget for, regardless of your ability to pay. If you’d like to give back, and help keep our services free, please consider participating in the Dempsey Challenge, or making a donation here.