How to Begin


The Dempsey Center is offering most services virtually through our new “Third Center” called Dempsey Connects. This includes nutrition, fitness, counseling, workshops & educational classes and support groups. Currently, we are not offering acupuncture or massage therapy and instead are offering classes like massage for self-care and acupressure.

Dempsey Connects is a virtual community support center that can serve clients of our existing Lewiston and South Portland locations and open the doors to new cancer patients from across the state of Maine.

Click here to visit Dempsey Connects for a wide range of virtual cancer support resources.

If you or a loved one are living with cancer, let us help.

The best way to begin using Dempsey Center services is to schedule an orientation.

During your orientation visit, you will meet with a staff person or trained volunteer. This is your chance to tell us about your cancer experience and the challenges you are facing.

Based on what you tell us, we will recommend the services that can best meet your needs. We can even get you scheduled for services and registered for classes, if that’s what you want.

To schedule your orientation, call the Dempsey Center at 877-336-7287. You’ll be glad you did!