Legacy & Life Reflections

The experience of sharing life stories, reflecting on lessons learned and the values we’ve grown to hold most dear can be a profoundly powerful experience for anyone, but particularly for those living with advanced cancer.

Legacy and Life Reflections

In 2015, the Dempsey Center began offering Legacy and Life Reflections, a new service for people who have metastatic and/or advanced cancer. The service includes:

  • Professionally-guided and recorded interviews, exploring themes such as life history, one’s most cherished memories, deepest values, and lessons learned that one wishes to share with others.
  • Participants receive an audiotape or DVD of the interview, which may also incorporate favorite photographs and songs.
  • Participants receive a blank journal and suggestions for further reflection.
  • This service is available to patients living with advanced or metastatic cancer. Sessions are available by appointment only.

To schedule an appointment, call 207-330-7737.