OPEN POSITION: Volunteer Cancer Mentor

POSITION: Volunteer Cancer Mentor
DEPARTMENT: Programs and Services
SUPERVISOR: Maine Cancer Mentor Program Coordinator

PURPOSE OF POSITION: To provide high quality emotional support to individuals dealing with a new cancer diagnosis. Cancer mentors help allay fears, talk through concerns, discuss available cancer support resources, and provide reassurance.

COMMITMENT: One year (renewable each year) | Able to provide phone and email support from personal devices; creating one’s own schedule to best meet programs participant’s needs while maintaining appropriate. boundaries.


  • Has had a cancer diagnosis and is at least one year from initial diagnosis.
  • Is a Maine resident
  • Feels ready to provide emotional support to others
  • Successfully completes pre-training steps, cancer mentor training, and fulfills ongoing training requirements
  • Follows and upholds all Maine Cancer Mentor policies and guidelines
  • Uses discretion and protects the confidentiality of all Dempsey Center clients.; HIPAA-specific training
  • Has an active email address and access to a phone


  • Providing emotional support to program participants
  • Updating the program coordinator after initial and final contact with each match
  • Behaving in an ethical and lawful manner toward program participants
  • Maintaining confidentiality; keeping all information about program participants confidential, to be shared only with the program coordinator as needed
  • Sustaining an open line of communication with the program coordinator
  • Working with the program coordinator to provide appropriate closure or transition at the end of each match; fulfilling match debriefing requirements.


  • High respect for diverse lifestyles, values, beliefs, and ways of moving through the world
  • Sensitivity to the emotional highs and lows that can accompany the cancer experience
  • Attitude of acceptance toward all feelings
  • Empathetic and caring, open minded and dependable
  • Exceptional listening skills
  • Self-awareness of one’s own issues and an attitude of responsibility for one’s life (choices, feelings, relationships)
  • A healthy sense of humor