Submit Your Program to the Dempsey Center

We are so grateful for our partners and external providers who want to bring their skills, interests, hobbies, and expertise to help cancer patients, care partners, family members, and friends. If you are interested in submitting a program for an upcoming trimester of programming, please complete the form below.

Our programs are offered in three trimesters and may consist of a 60-90 minute presentation offered as a one-time workshop or series (up to 6 weeks). Due to scheduling deadlines, please be aware that programs are planned well in advance. We are currently looking forward to planning programs for September – December of 2024.

Dempsey Center offers programing in the following areas:
• Complementary Therapies
• Education and Information
• Expressive Arts
• Meditation
• Movement and Fitness
• Nutrition

Questions? Please email Karen Gruver, Dempsey Center Program Manager, at