Yoga for Cancer Care – Virtual

In this class designed specifically for cancer patients and survivors we will seek to reduce stress, manage treatment side-effects, and aid cancer recovery through a unique evidence-based yoga method. We will use movement, breathing, and mindfulness to provide benefits such as muscular strength, bone density, immune support, flexibility, and improved posture.

Led by Tish Caldwell, Movement + Fitness Coordinator, this class is open to cancer patients, caregivers, survivors, friends, and family.  After a one-time sign-up, you will be able to drop-in to any dates that you choose.

DISCLAIMER: By registering for this class you agree to the following: The use of any information provided in the following class is solely at your own risk, and the Dempsey Center for Quality Cancer Care will not be responsible for any harm or injury you incur as a result of such use. Talk to your licensed medical provider before beginning this Tai Chi class. The information in the following class is not a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Do not disregard, avoid or delay seeking medical advice for any reason. Treat yourself with kindness and listen to your body to avoid injury. Please enable your web browser cookies to ensure access to this class.

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