Youth + Family Resources

To help with questions you may have about communicating about cancer with the young people in your life, the Healing Tree has compiled suggestions and advice from experts in the fields of child life, mental health, and oncology. Providing open and honest information as early as possible will help your child or adolescent to feel safe and involved and will establish the trust he/she will need to deal with unavoidable stress now and in the future.

Below are some helpful resources from the Healing Tree:
Title + LinkAdditional Information
KesemKesem supports children ages 6-18 through and beyond their parent's cancer with free, fun-filled, creative programs and a lasting community. Kesem serves children through year-round programming, including their flagship program, Camp Kesem, and new monthly virtual offering, Club Kesem. Club Kesem is a great way to immediately connect kids with other kids who understand what it's like to have a parent with cancer.
Guided Meditations for ChildrenFrom Annaka Harris
Mindfulness for TeensInformation, tools, and resources to help teens build a mindfulness practice
Teenage Cancer Trust: Support for FamiliesInformation and support for families when a young person has cancer
Cancer Really SucksSupport for teens by teens with music playlists, resources, a wall to post on and read encouraging thoughts
RiprapHelps teens cope when a parent has cancer
Camp KesemIn-person summer camps for kids impacted by a parent's cancer diagnosis
Super SibsSupport and resources for children of all ages who have a sibling with cancer
Guided Meditation for KidsA short meditation to help kids reduce anxiety and stress
Yoga for Teens20-minute yoga session from Yoga with Adriene
Yoga for Kids: Play in the Park30-minute vide from Yoga with Adriene
Someone in My Family Has CancerA video for kids and parents, appropriate for elementary school-age children and up
Kid to Kid: Your Parent Has CancerA 15-minute video that explains what cancer is and how it is treated
You're Not AloneIn this short video, teens share their stories of having a parent with cancer.
When Your Parent Has CancerA downloadable guide for teens
Brightspot NetworkSupport groups, financial grants, free age-appropriate kids books and web resources for families navigating a cancer impact.
Pickles GroupFree peer-to-peer support and resources for kids affected by their parent or guardian's cancer.