Virtual Grief + Loss Resources


How to Cope with Bereavement During the COVID-19 Pandemic, a good read with some concrete suggestions from Psychology Today

The Need for Self Compassion in Grief, a great article from the website What’s Your Grief

We Don’t Recover from Grief and That’s Okay, another great post from What’s Your Grief

Being There: What to Say and Do in the Aftermath of Loss, an article about supporting someone else in grief from Option B

Podcasts + Webinars

How to Handle our Collective Grief, a Ten Percent Happier podcast episode with Sharon Salzberg that includes a guided meditation

Why We’re All Grieving – And How to Deal with It, a Ten Percent Happier podcast episode with David Kessler

David Kessler and Brené Brown on Grief and Finding Meaning, grief expert David Kessler on what he’s learned about love, loss, and finding meaning.


How to Heal By Carrying Your Grief, a TEDx talk by Nancy Berns, author, speaker, and professor of sociology

Modern Grief, a TEDx talk with Sophie Townsend, an internationally celebrated and award-winning producer

Helping Kids Grieve, resources from Sesame Street